ALEXTURE: A reality TV docuseries (web series)  



In every urban environment, there are big dreams.  


In Atlanta, Georgia, the desire to win is astronomical. Some individuals desire to launch their brands as social media influencers or become celebrities. Others are content with their corporate strategy to create the life of their dreams year over year.  


But what happens when you want to do both, but you’re minimized and devalued because your approach looks different from everyone else’s? It’s a fascinating view of the complexities of having big dreams in a major city in America. The personal stories and archetypical characters encounter the dilemma of confirming without assimilation to evolve in a society that says there is no room for them. As the protagonist believes she has actualized her dreams, she’s systematically constrained by Corporate America, forcing her to re-consider her aspirations of operating her own business. The humorous and frustrating moments as the protagonist struggles to balance the weight of it all: womanhood, motherhood, sisterhood, and belonging. The panic ensues as she tries to re-launch her business without any loans or grants to secure clients while still contributing forty-plus hours a week to the firm. The inspiring moments arise amidst the chaos of securing new clients and their “onboarding.” One person cannot possibly balance it all sanely and still manage to reach and inspire other young girls to pursue careers in STEM, or can they?  


Launch Date: 6 June 2022

Network: YouTube

Production: Brokn Boxxz Production